Friday, July 6, 2012

The List

     I love writing lists. Lists for my favorite songs, favorite designers and artists, favorite webs cites, inspiring people, even grocery and chore lists are fun. When you write something down be it a list, a story or a thought. its a commitment. A commitment made between you, and your pen and paper, (or in this case between me, my laptop and the internet...) writing forces you to acknowledge your thoughts, even if you never show what you've written to anyone you know it's there. But when it comes to lists I just like being able to acknowledge accomplishments and keep track of things that make me happy and appreciate what I have.
     One day while watching late night TV I saw a show called The Buried Life, it was on MTV so I was expecting trash, but it made me cry.  It is a show that asks a simple question:
      What do you want to do before you die?
Basically these kids hopped in a bus to travel North America and cross things off their list of things they wanted to do before they die, but for everything they cross off on their list they help someone cross something off of theirs. What resulted was a show full of people doing things they never thought they could do on their own, they have helped people reunite with relatives, conquer their worst fears, and even won thousands of dollars at roulette (which was donated to charity) for me it's one of those weird shows I cant watch with other people because it always makes me cry, I cry because im happy that these people are making other people happy and for some reason people being unusually kind to strangers always makes me cry.
      Anyway, since I was a little kid i've always had this list of things I wanted to do before I die, I wrote it down in a notebook in middle school as a nagging motivator to make something of my life and actually do them. I've done a few of them, go to college, go to Paris, go skinny dipping, but I know if I just bury my notebook in my piles of stuff one of these days I'll forget about it and not find it till im old enough to regret not doing the things on my list so I'll just leave it here (theres always a link to it at the header) so I can be reminded of my future adventures ( and my past ones) every time I log on.

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