The List

As explained here

Open a business
Make a recipe
Be a Maid of Honor 
Know a non-relative for 20 years
Learn to Sail
Be someones Hero
Give someone a Home
Be fluent in another language
Ride a motorcycle
Live in a tree house
Meet the Dali Lama
Build a home
Swim in every ocean
Do the things my Mother warned me about
Become self-sufficient
Live in New York 
Be quiet for a whole day
Sit on the roof of a Skyscraper
Participate in a flash mob
Take my Dad to Alaska
Show in a Museum
Have something published
Get a pet duck
Grow a Banana tree
Complete the Cinnamon Challenge
Make my parents proud
Discover something
Go to Space
Give away $1000
Visit my Host Family
Plant a seedling and watch it grow to a tree
Go to Africa
Get lost somewhere beautiful
Make someone cry happy tears
Visit Iceland
Climb Half dome
Meet my relatives from Texas
Run for political office
Build a Pool for my Mom
Memorize Shakespeare
Go to the Amazon
Swim with dolphins
Go to a Volcano
Fall in Love
Get paid to make art
Have a fashion show at Fashion Week
Knit a sweater
Go to the Olympics
Help some one accomplish their Dreams
Host an Exchange Student
Visit the White House
Travel to all 7 continents
Have a solo Gallery show
Tell a stranger a secret
Learn to Surf
Get SCUBA certified
Hike the Triple Crown
Start a charity
Go on a spiritual quest
Take my mom to Paris
Learn to blow glass
Join a political rally
Cook a multi course meal
Visit the Library of Congress
Save something

So I leave this as a question, 
What inspires you?
What makes you feel joy?
What drives you?
What makes you marvel?

What do you want to do before you die?