Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Life as a Cat Slave

How I know its time to go to bed.

  1. One of my cats scratches at the door, usually the little one who likes to sleep with me whom I call Kitty Princess.
  2. She makes the rounds then sits at the foot of my chair and meows until I put her on my lap.
  3. I hit up the ususals of my internet browsing, email, Facebook, National Geographic, then the never ending Tumblr. 
  4. After 20-30 minutes of that its off of my lap then a flurry of fur sprints to the bathroom where I follow and confirm that there is food and water as I had confirmed for her a few hours earlier.
  5. While she munches I brush my teeth wash my face and glasses then get into bed.
  6. Just as I am falling asleep she leaps up onto my chest. 
  7. Purring loudly for the next few hours she stays there and keeps me quite toasty.

How I wake up.

  1. Little Kitty Princess as I call her, sleeps peacefully on my chest.
  2. One of my other cats, usually the one my mom calls Blackie scratches on the screen outside my door, at 2 am.
  3. She proceeds to do this until I let her in, Blackie takes about 5 tv minutes to make the three foot trip. She wants to look out for the other cat Big Whiney as she will hit her in the face if she can.
  4. Once she is in I can go back to sleep, for a while.
  5. 20 minutes later Kitty Princess decides once again I am the optimum sleeping perch and I am awoken by a pounce on the chest.
  6. Then my mom wakes me up at 9 with "Why are you still in bed," with Kitty Princess still sleeping on my chest...
ehh its vacation im not going to complain that much...

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